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Download Firefox 3.5

    Mozilla Firefox is the popular free fast web browser from the open source community of Mozilla foundation. The new version is the best one ever with its ease of use, features and interface.

    Here is a list with Firefox Unique features

    • Tabbed Browsing - This feature was introduced in Firefox long before Internet Explorer. Tabs mean you don't have to open your document in a new Window because you can open it in the same window in a different tab.That's not all, Firefox has a tab history, You can open the tab page you closed by mistake!
    • Download Manager - Would you like to pause/resume/pause/resume your download. Aha, I see.... this feature isn't implemented in Internet explorer and I won't think it would ever get implemented.
    • Anti-Phishing protection . You may ask what the hell on earth is phishing? Ok. Phishing happens when a scam website tries to look like an authority website in order to steal your personal information such as your credit card or social security number. Yea, the low-men can probably slapp you while using internet explorer but this can hardly with Firefox. Mozilla will watch your back. You can always stay uptodate with a download list of suspected website or ask google everytime you're about to visit a website.
    • Session Restore So something happened and you left the computer and had to restore it back the way it was. Firefox will let you restore everything. Your downloads and even the text you filled in the forms.
    • Spell checker. Let's think about scenario. You are filling an important document online, and you are not suring about the spelling in the requested forms. I don't think you have to open Microsoft word to get to know it. Firefox has an integerated spell checker and would give you the spelling suggestions you need.
    • Search Suggestions. As soon as you start typing in the seach bar. Mozilla Firefox will offer the relevant Suggestions.
    • Firefox extension and themes. This was Mozilla's best contribution to the users and from the users to themselves. By being an open-source, Mozilla gave the developers the chance to add small addons that add functionality that would allow almost every user to cutsomize Firefox for his/her own needs. Themes on the other hand, change the look and feel of Mozilla Firefox. Would you like Mozilla to have the look and feel of Mac or maybe Windows Vista? It is all here......
    • And Much more. Am afraid you'll get bored if I go on.....


    Above all, why do I like it? It's because I can live with in style. Each day, a new add-on is released to meet the tasks I need and to customize Firefox the way I love it. Also, if you are a developer just like meet who loves to work with a browser that meets web-standards then this one is for you.